Accountability Management Software

SMART Targets Plus is an execution management system that makes it easy to manage numerous time-dependent activities.

"Without accountability, the ability to manage doesn't exist. Great management is holding yourself and those around you accountable to deliver results. Period. You can define this any way that you want; but in the end, managers are accountable to be accountable." - Forbes


SMART Targets Plus

  • Automated Notifications

    Daily reminders when target dates are approaching or missed are sent to all team members based on access levels. Items Due Today, Items Falling Behind and Items in Danger are also sent on a daily basis. Weekly notifications such as Achievments this Week are also sent to recognize completed tasks.

  • Project Management Features

    Keep track of your CAPEX with Budgeted and Actual expenditure tracking. Monitor resources, setup item segments for reporting and track load on team members to meet target dates.

  • Manage Team Performance

    Through dashboards, charts, reports and statistics, the performance of all team members are easily accessible for commendation, intervention or support as needed. SMART Targets Plus allow managers and supervisors to monitor the progress of their subordinates to manage performance.

  • Microsoft Office Integration

    Includes a Microsoft Outlook plug-in to allow you to easily send items to SMART Targets Plus and do assignments from within Outlook! Allows for the export of custom reports to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word desktop applications.

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